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Welcome to wheresdwan.org. This site is dedicated to finding the truth about what happened to D’wan Sims on the day of 12/11/1994. On this site you will find many links to documents that are hosted buy our good friend over at crimeindetroit.com please check them out when you have finished visiting this site, they have tons of information regarding unsolved crimes in that city.


I guess I should start by telling you a little about why I have built this site. On the day D’wan was reported missing I was 18years old and working as a security guard at the Wonderland Mall in Livonia and it just so happened on that day I received a call over our radios to meet with a lady who had lost her child. I will tell you right off the bat that this was probably the 6th missing child call we had gotten just that day and it was just another of the many we had received up until this point in the busy Holiday shopping season. All of which had been found in a matter of a few minutes. We did not take these calls lightly, but we also had no written protocol that I knew of at the time to handle and actual child that had not been found within the first half hour or so. (I’m sure it was never on any ones mind considering it was Livonia, which in the 90’s was one of the safest city’s in America.) Back to my Story. I met with D’wans Mother who sounded genuinely upset at the exterior mall doors near the entrance to Target. I then issued the standard B.O.L. (be on the look out) orders to all the other security officers and other mall personnel. We searched every hallway and back corridor of that mall before we had someone contact the police and report the child missing. I would like to tell you about when we went back to the Target store with the Livonia police to review their tapes with D’wans Mother, but I think if you read the actual police report I acquired through the freedom of information act it would give a bit more insight than I can accurately remember.

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June 19th, 2010

Thank you so much for the website….I grew up on the street right behind Wonderland, and this case has intrigued me since it happened. Having worked retail, I know that a missing child is top priorty, and if D’wan had been in that mall, he would have been found. Can’t believe it’s been almost 16 years. Great job…keep on keeping us posted. (I learned about your site from a posting on “where is Devon Kroestch” facebook page)

July 26th, 2010

I am deeply worried that a mother wouldn’t protect her own. Dwanna Sims and Ms. Harris the boys grandmother has always said the boy is still alive, which gives me pause to believe they plotted together for monetary reasons. D’wan was just 4 at the time and could be easily swayed to believe they were playing a game; this woman NEVER had the boy in the store with her, cameras don’t lie. I pray to God he’s still alive and maybe using his middle name and prehaps his fathers last name. I know people are deparate for a lot of things and I am no longer surprise what measures people will take for the love of money. My daughter walked away from me at the age 3, we were at Cedar Point in Ohio, I almost past out. A look a fear was upon my face and two kids approached me and asked what was wrong. I was getting change from a machine and she wanted to ride on the little kids rides, I let go of her hand for as long as it took me to put the dollar in the machine and pick up the four quarters she was gone. The two little boys asked me what she had on and I told them they were no more than 10 and when I calmed down I realized she was on the ride she wanted to be on, I never let her out my sight again, and I never in my life been that scared…AMEN she was safe, other than money what could be her motivation

June 29th, 2011

I find it odd that the police never figured this case out. It’s almost as if it is a little black child missing and they could careless. They solve cases from decades ago, but not one lead on this…

December 10th, 2011

Great job keeping this missing child in the spotlight. Thank you

September 14th, 2012

i think she and grandma had sometin to do with him i remeber gettin a call tht the mama was at club party and her son went missin and you out partyin and u at the club should been out lookin for ur son

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